Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve: Monday Goals

Well, it is here and not without warning. Christmas Eve. All weekend at the cheese shop, customers kept asking if I was ready for tomorrow. My answer today is the same as yesterday and as the day before: not really.

I would like to say this year is different, but I always underestimate the amount of time that it takes at the shop right before the holiday. I had aspirations of knitting a full scarf, sewing my niece a dress and making some tasty stuff from the kitchen this year. The scarf is about 6" long, the pattern has been traced for the dress and fabric prepped, but that is it. There *will* be tasty gifts from the kitchen at least. Yay! And that is what everyone will be getting :)

As far as my sewing goals from last week, I think I was pretty realistic. I did get my neckline slip stitched on the Gathering Glory dress (thanks Laurel for your name suggestion), I knitted two more inches on the scarf (it is now longer than 4"!) and I figured out my neckline option.

"Neckline option?" you say? I know. I was pretty vague about that too last week. I originally thought about (and still considering) adding beading to the neckline of Vogue 8728. My initial mental image was a subtle brown beaded bow on the left shoulder. Although, I think I am now leaning more towards keeping it simple. As far as difficulty level of beading silk...I have no idea. I assume it will only take about an hour or so, but that is usually when it takes days! Any thoughts, opinions or words of caution?

For this week, I think I might have more time on my hands with a few well deserved days off from the shop. What will I do? How about this:

  1.  Get to the hemming stage of Gathering Glory. This means finishing up bodice (hemming sleeves), gathering skirt, attaching bodice to skirt and inserting zipper. Hopefully if I can get a good solid couple of uninterrupted hours, it shouldn't* take too long.
  2.  Start organizing pattern stash. I need to decide how I plan to do this, electronically or with a binder and scanned images. Regardless of either of those options, they still need to be physically organized. A toppling stack is not considered "organized". As much as I want it to be.
  3. Keep knitting scarf! I might be able to make some headway today and tomorrow. Maybe when my future-brother-in-law (did I tell you all there will be another wedding?!?!) receives it at Christmas dinner it will be longer than 6". Here's to hoping!

I think that these are achievable goals for this week. I am feeling pretty confident I can finish these and then have some fun pictures of this dress.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!

*as long as everything goes according to plan and I don't sew the skirt on backwards or something!


  1. Hi Maggie, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very productive and fulfilling 2013. Looking forward to seeing your creations - can be food too. Again, all the best for 2013.

    1. Thanks Evelyne! Merry Christmas to you too! :)