Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finally. A little update...

It has been a long time. Actually it has been about six months. Clearly when I get overwhelmed or super focused this is what happens— something has to give. Unfortunately it seems it is always the blog. But I will say that in those six months I finished my friend's wedding dress, one bridesmaid Bombshell dress, three-quarters of another Bombshell dress, traveled to St.Louis, London, Dublin (finding great vintage finds in each city) and all the while running two cheese stores. It has been exhausting, exciting and rewarding.

I want to go into detail about each of the dresses that I worked on, completed (or not!) and all the super amazing sewing stuff I found on all my trips. There is so much that it will have to be broken down into a few posts, but I did want to get something up, so that I didn't completely fall into oblivion :)

Here is a sneak peek of the wedding dress mid-construction and I will get to work on the other posts...

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  1. OMG - you're back!! You have been super busy. Missed your posts but then from what you've been doing, it's no wonder. Two cheese shops!! Yummy!! Welcome back!!