Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Negroni: A Drink, not a Shirt (not yet, at least)

The Negroni. What I should be hearing is the lulling sound of crushed ice swimming in dark booze in a cocktail shaker waiting to be poured into a nice willing martini glass. Instead of those lovely sounds, I hear the puffing of steam escaping from my sad iron. Let me say, pockets are hard. Actually, let me rephrase, *round* pockets are hard. Even with a template. If you look closely, my round pockets are not very round.

That is about how far along I am with the Negroni. I have great plans to get some work done on it today. I have been busy sewing, but another project, and no —not the swing dress either. I have been working on a bow tie. A silk bow tie, no less.

It was a late Christmas present that I thought would take me no time at all. The first two muslins didn't take too much time. It was the silk that brought me trouble. It took me longer to cut, to interface, to press and to sew. It is done, though. I have one crappy photo taken right before I left for dinner last night:

The recipient was ecstatic about his gift. Since I was not completely pleased with the final outcome (my corners didn't turn properly and I didn't trim my seams enough) it was a disheartening defeat. I gave in and gave him the somewhat passible tie. I guess for my first attempt at a silk bow tie it wasn't that bad, but I felt I could do better. My husband asked me later why I didn't just make another one. Hmmm... spend another 6-8 hours on another tie in the same day? Nope. Not anytime soon. 

So, here I am. Back to my Negroni. The shirt and perhaps the drink later. I am hesitantly nervous/excited about the Negroni shirt. I have a feeling on my final draft of the shirt, the pockets will not be round. I am okay with that.


  1. Those pockets look pretty darn good to me. I have a curved hem guide I found yesterday and thought I wonder if I could use that to make a pocket? I have so many tools and forget to use them. Love the bow tie!! looks great!

  2. I bet you could. My best friend has an actual pocket-corner guide (I found out last night), so I may have get someone to bring it over when they visit. Thanks for the encouragement on the bow tie! I guess it doesn't look that bad, but we are our our own worst critics, right? :)

  3. What a great idea to make a bow-tie. You've done a great job. As for the shirt - that's my next project, so I might invest in one of those pocket gadgets myself. Take a deep breath - and a drink!