Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pretty in Polka-Dots: 1980's Prom Dress Sneak Peek

Ah, the 80's. I got to witness it in action with my older sister, I unfortunately (or fortunately looking at photos) was too young to participate in any of the exciting parts of the fashion of that era. Last week I saw it much more close-up. My younger sister went to a 1980's-prom-themed fundraiser this past weekend. She had my older sister's original prom dress from 1988 (last worn by someone in high school) and since my younger sister is *ahem* not 16, we had to do some creative altering. This involved much more than ripping out and moving the zipper. Definitely more.

This is just the teaser. I had every intention of writing a post this evening with pictures of before and after. Alas, I find myself at the end of the evening after a full day of doing non-sewing related things. It will all have to wait until tomorrow, but you can see a sneak peek above. It has been awhile since I last posted and I wanted to get something up. I am doing something, I promise!  :)

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  1. People loved the dress it was a hit!!! can't wait for the next post with all the pics! Great job.